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Rita Redshoes

Special Guest:  Rita Redshoes

Hot and cold salad of sardine fillets and vegetables

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Rita Redshoes

Rita knew she wanted to live for music at the age of 14, when she started a band with her brother. Beginning her career as a drummer in a group at theatre school, she has been through numerous musical projects as author and performer, playing various instruments and recording several albums. She came to wider notice with “Dream Girl”, a song that led her to where she is today, collaborating with musicians such as David Fonseca, Legendary Tigerman and Noiserv to name but a few. Writing and singing her own songs, she’s a versatile artist who plays piano, bass and drums, and who has composed several soundtracks for film and theatre.

She neither makes music to win prizes nor cares about criticism, but she does like her work being heard. She makes music effortlessly, naturally and spontaneously, because that’s what brings her pleasure.

Artistically, she does not identify herself with tight formats or formulas for success. She never repeats herself and lives inner and outer changes vibrantly, which come to be reflected in her music. She says that there are several Ritas within whom she wants to explore and put out there, and that she thinks, “Art has to be a discovery, it has to be a risk. It takes us to other places.”