Alma Lusitana

Alma Lusitana is a twist of the classic Daiquiri with a touch of Portugal flavour.

Made with a blend of rums for the cocktail base, joining two Port wines, a Tawny and a Dry White, that will bring woody and nuts notes to the cocktail.

It is also used a Portuguese liquor, the Liquor Beirão de Honra, a little more alcoholic than normal, that will bring some depth with their notes of spices and herbs.

Fresh lime juice will bring acidity we are used to feel in the classic daiquiri, and balance the cocktail with the join of a home reduction of Port wine pomegranate and spices, bringing tones of winter and reminds us of Christmas.

An interesting cocktail in its flavour, with a touch of chocolate at the end of its mouth.



3cl rhum Barceló Anejo
2 cl Bacardi Carta Blanca
2 cl. Fresh lime juice
2 cl. Port Wine reduction with apple
1 cl. Taylor`s Chip Dry Port wine
1,5 cl. Tawny
0,5 cl. Beirão de Honra



In a glass, combine all the ingredients and shake well. Make double strainer in the cocktail bowl and garnish with a twig of thyme.

Serve with chocolate truffle (optional)


Ingredients and preparation for Port Wine reduction with apple

50 cl. Tawny
½ glass of white sugar lemonade
peel of an orange
8 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1 macerated pomegranate

put everything on low heat and let it reduce