5 cl. Gin Tanqueray Rangpur
2 cl. spice syrup
8 cl. Grapefruit juice
3 Cardamom seeds
10 cl. Basil and coriander  foam


Ingredients for the siphon foam

10cl. Water
7 cl. Lime juice
30g sugar
1 slice of gelatin
1 g. fresh coriander
1g fresh Basil
10g of glair



In a shaker, put all the ingredients, except the foam, and shake well. Doublely strain into the glass with ice, and fill with foam


Preparation for the siphon foam

Dissolve the sugar and gelatin in the water before adding the remaining ingredients. Then stir well in the bowl with the help of a frapé to get cold. Take to the vacuum machine before placing in the siphon, to extract the flavors of the herbs. Place in a siphon with two cylinders, shake before use and keep in the cold

Garnish with a slice of dehydrated lime and basil