2012 Dec 07 • CAN THE CAN @ design42day.com

By Joana Demarche Albogas



That´s right – canned food has never been fancier. I would go even further and allege that canned food has never been more sophisticated.

A place colored by cans of sardines, marinated octopus with tomatoes, and all sorts of national canned specialties. Not forgetting the numerous olive oil and wine bottles. Can’s define the place: even by the form of a huge silver chandelier, made of three thousand empty cans, signed by Portuguese designer Vitor Vicente, that acts as a revelation of what this contemporary place is all about.

Can the Can offers a feast for the senses; relying on a brand new perspective, it combines some of the greatest traditions in Portugal: canning industry and fado – all wrapped in gourmet. With an obvious Mediterranean influence, your eyes will dance as much as your taste and hearing, to the sound of deliciously colorful food,  palpitating flavours and to the modern take of a trembling fado.

Here, Portuguese culture and modern design are conjoined into a fabulous matrimony. The ambiance is well contrasted between the natural woods, chic off-white walls, and, of course, cold steel. The space is bright and airy, removing all possible forms of stuffiness, with the furnishings that mold in synchronization with the room. Nothing  underneath this locale is fluff: it’s the perfect example of a practical, thoughtful and unique decor.

Located in a reborn square, Praça do Comércio – the obligatory crossing point to all who wish to enter the true Lisbon life -, is the perfect spot whether to enjoy a sunny afternoon or have a relishing dinner, either keeping it casual with friends or romantic with your special one.


posted by: Joana Demarche Albogas on December 7, 2012 in eat