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Peter Kubelka Lecture: The Edible Metaphor: Cooking as the Oldest Form of Art • 2006

Peter Kubelka Lecture: The Edible Metaphor: Cooking as the Oldest Form of Art

In the view of legendary Austrian avantgarde filmmaker and art philosopher Peter Kubelka, everybody who makes films should also cook. For Peter Kubelka cooking is performing art, and a meal is the ancestral sculpture of mankind – cooking is the origin of culture, as the mother of all arts. Food, exactly like popular art, constitutes a means of communication. For Peter Kubelka, prepared food is a medium to express thoughts and feelings. In “The Edible Metaphor“ Peter Kubelka will perform one of his famous food and art lectures. Philosophically substantiated and marvellously entertaining, this scenic and improvised lecture offers new ways of regarding something that in every-day-life too often becomes a robotic act of routine: cooking.

To watch Peter Kubelka Lecture: PETER KUBELKA: THE EDIBLE METAPHOR

Peter Kubelka Lecture: The Edible Metaphor: Cooking as the Oldest Form of Art

“My attempts to defend CINEMA as an art form have led me to intensify my interest in classic disciplines such as music, painting, architecture, and philosophy. My DISCONTENT with ‘progress’ has directed me toward our past and I found COOKING to be a discipline of art showing the same criteria as music, painting, or literature. But cooking or the PREPARATION OF FOOD begins much earlier than singing, painting, or writing. It is in fact the earliest poetical activity of mankind, the earliest source for VIRTUAL REALITY: prepared by HAND and decoded with the MOUTH. “This lecture is the fruit of the last thirty years of working as a DESPECIALIZED human being and is dedicated firstly to my friends who have followed my work in cinema.”

Peter Kubelka

Demonstration by Kubelka follows the lecture. Austrian filmmaker Peter Kubelka has been making films since 1952. He began theoretical work on “Kochen als Kunstgattung” (Cooking as Art) in 1967. Kubelka is an accomplished musician. His films-Adebar, Schwechater, Unsere Afrikareise/Our Trip to Africa, and others-are masterpieces of sound-and-image editing taking the frame as the basic unit. A co-founder of Anthology Film Archives in New York, Kubelka is co-director of Oesterreichisches Film Museum in Vienna. He lives and teaches in Vienna and Frankfurt.