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A book that explores the affinities between gastronomy and art, having as protagonists the best Portuguese chefs and plastic artists, focusing the dialogue on the oldest and dearest industry in Portugal, the canning industry.

From this CAN THE CAN project were born a set of 18 works of art, having as a field the canning industry, and 18 dishes using a tinned fish product, secularly captured on the Portuguese coasts. A project that explores the creative component of two seemingly distant activities, but united by common elements throughout history.

Eat & Art, places the Portuguese tins in the center of the cultural activity, and turns this speciality, so noble in its simplicity, and an object integrally related to our daily life into the motor of an inter sectoral speech from which result productions intended to satisfy our heart, head and stomach needs.

A book with conversations between necessarily creative people, which tell us motivations about their careers. Chefs and artists contribute with their reflections and stories on the subject.

The book includes a time line with events in the field of art and gastronomy throughout the ages, with reference to the most striking events, a challenge for the reader to delve into each of the events.

An amazing photographic work with a perfect design, that makes this book unique.


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