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Our food

Our way of cooking is a direct translation of our way of building cultural heritage – the enormous wealth passed down to us from generation to generation.

We are a kitchen full of “Portugality”, one that represents the best of Portugal and the Portuguese. An openness to outside influences is also key, and we welcome the world here, every day, in a grand, unique square intimately connected to the global story of our country. Ours is a typically Atlantic cuisine, one defined by the use of natural, healthy ingredients as made the most of by Atlantic and Mediterranean peoples for more than 5,000 years.

The art of food preservation is one that has also developed over the ages. The canning industry in Portugal was born in 1865, in a country with an extraordinary coast, an ancestral tradition of fishing and an unparalleled quality of fish. This is the oldest and dearest industry in our land.

Our dishes are so healthy because they are based on a combination of fresh vegetables with quality canned fish, a product, rich in Omega 3 oils and without need of preservatives.

But we do not just serve tin products. We use the best tin seafood delicacies within a concept of Atlantic gastronomy. We elevate tin seafood we use to the level of exclusive gastronomic products, at the same time as innovating in our recipes, joining fresh ingredients and placing a premium on quality of preparation and presentation.

Along the way, we promote the recognition and consumption of the very best of our national tin seafood, helping make Portuguese conserves an integral part of Lisbon’s touristic offer to lovers of great gastronomy and culture.