Sublime photo by Sivan Askayo

Catch the World Contest: Our First Six Finalists

Week one of our Catch the World contest is up, and we’re on our way to choosing which travelers will win one of five $2,000 vouchers to use toward travel on, as well as the grand prize—a trip to Copenhagen! Do not despair: there are five more weeks to go, up to 30 more finalists to be chosen. And all you have to do is post descriptions of your great travel experiences. Start uploading!

Congratulations to our first six finalists: Teryll Hopper, Steve McCall, Sivan Askayo, Jill Richardson, Kimberley Lovato, and Leah Madsen. We’ll be updating this “Catch the World” Wanderlist each week with our finalists.



Local Expert

Can the Can, Canned food goes Gourmet

‘Canned Food goes Gourmet’ is the concept of this new restaurant, which was opened only three months ago in Terreiro do Paco, one of the central locations in downtown Lisbon. Some people might raise an eyebrow when they hear about canned food, but the final result is very surprising and delicious.
Portugal is blessed with fish and seafood, especially sardines, and considered one of the biggest canned fish exporter in Europe, so it was just a matter of time that a restaurant like that will be opened. The menu is rich and diverse, using only Portuguese products. It offers salads, sandwiches, Tibornas (spreads on bread) all presented in a very aesthetic way, accompanied with a range selection of Portuguese wines.
The restaurant was designed by one of the partners, who created a large chandelier, made out of cans. If you make reservations for dinner, you can also enjoy a live concert by a local Portuguese artist. Better make reservations ahead of time for dinner.
Can the Can, Terreiro do Paço 82/83, Lisboa

Posted on Mar 03, 2013